Game of Thrones Season 7 Minute Transcript
Episode 1: Dragonstone

At the Twinny Twins
Walder Frey? Has another feast?
And they drink?
And they die!
Walder is Arya!
The North remembers!

Meanwhile at the Wall
Bran wargs out and Edd lets him in.

Meanwhile in Winterfell John wants every bit of Dragonglass in the North
And Leanna Mormont doesnt need anyone's permission to fight
Then a raven from Cersei requests a bent knee.

Meanwhile in King's Landing
Cersei has a map floor installed
Enemies to the north, south, east, west.
We're the last Lannisters who count
Cersei invites Euron Greyjoy and his boats to dinner
Euron dangles the iron fleet to Cersei
Here I am, with 1000 ships, and two good hands.
Euron promises a gift.

Meanwhile in the Old Towne Library
Sam finally has a new costume
And he's gagging, pouring, washing, gagging;
Gagging, pouring, washing, gagging.
Then an autopsy!
Everyone in the Citadel doubts everything, it's their job.
And Sam sneaks out a book.

Meanwhile at Winterfell
Brienne shows off
And Littlefinger wants Sansa to be happy and safe. How sweet.

Meanwhile in the forest
That Ginger singer dude sings a song and offers rabbit to Arya
And Arya's line about killing the Queen gets a good laugh

Meanwhile somewhere else
The Hound is irritated again
Now he's a believer!

Meanwhile back in Old Towne
Sam finds a map of Dragonglass!
And sees Jorah Mormont's grayscaled arm!
And meanwhile on the Narrow Sea
Khaleesi comes home to Dragonstone.
Shall we begin?