Game of Thrones Season 7 Minute Lyrics
Episode 2: Stormborn

On a dark and Stormborny Dragonstone Night
The Dragon team plots
And Dani harrangues Varys
Varys cuts a babyface promo and swears off the funny business
Then Mellisandre shows up!
And a knee bending invite ravens to Winterfell

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Jon gets the memo

Meanwhile in King's Landing
Cersei tries to sucker the Lords of the Reach to join up with the Lion team
Jamie butters up Randyll Tarly with the wardenship of the South

Meanwhile in the Oldtowne Citadel
Jorah Mormont gets 6 months of brain left with the Grayscale
Meanwhile in King's Landing
Qyburn and Cersei head to the basement to check out dragon skeletons
Qyburn knows if they can be wounded, they can be killed.

Meanwhile in Dragonstone
Tyrion and Dani lay out their military plans
And everyone is in!
Olenna says
You are a dragon
Be a dragon.
Then Missandei and Gray Worm go on a trib

Meanwhile in the Citadel
The Grandmaester trashes every good author in Westeros

Jorah writes a letter
And Sam shows up with some rum and wants to cure Grayscale!
Meanwhile at The Inn At The Crossroads.
Arya finds out about Jon up north!
Meanwhile in Winterfell
Jon Snow plays Carol Sbarge dishing out the news
Sansa, until I retrn, the north is yours.

Meanwhile on the road to Winterfell?
Arya makes a fire.
And a pack of wolves show up!
And its Nymeria!!
Or is it? What?

And meanwhile on the sea
Yara and Ellaria hit it off.
Then Euron shows up!

See ya Sand Snakes 1 and 2!
Then it's Yara and Euron in the main event!
And Theon jumps overboard!
See ya Yara!
And Euron has his presents!