Game of Thrones Season 7 Minute Transcript
Episode 4: The Spoils of War

Leaving Highgarden
Jamie dishes out gold
And Bronn pines for a castle.

Meanwhile in King's Landing
Cersei teases Tycho with another bank

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Littlefinger is a dagger bagger
Bran knows chaos is a ladder, and he's not flattered
Meera would like a little freaking gratitude
But Bran has Aspergers,
Then Sansa and Arya reunite.
Then Bran and Arya reunite.
And Arya gets a new Valyrian steel dagger.

Meanwhile on Dragonstone
Dani and Missandei have girl talk,
Jon takes Dani into the tunnel of Dragonstone love
But Dani is only interested in knee bending. Jeez!
She's had enough with clever plans!
Jon recommends the high road
But Dani doesn't care!

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Arya WANTS a piece of Brienne
Arya TAKES a piece of Brienne
Who taught you how to do that?
No one.

Meanwhile at Dragonstone
Jon has Knight's King ED
And Davos wants to change sides, wink wink.
Then Theon shows up!

Meanwhile in the Wild Wild West
Uh Ohhhh SummerSlam has come early.
Where's Tony Schivone when you need him!
Dani, Drogon, and the Dothraki Pearl Harbor the Lannisters
And Pandemonium breaks loose!
The Dothraki deliver knife edge chops
And Drogon no sells a Sharpshooter
Then Bronn pulls out the secret weapon, Qyburn's Scorpion
Bronn misses with a big spear
Dani lands several Stunners
But she goes to the well one too many times
And Drogon takes a spear to the shoulder
Talk to me Goose, we're in a flat spin

Then Jamie goes for the pin
And he's about to eat dragon flames
When Bronn hits him with a flying cross body block
It's a double count out! See ya at Wrestlemania!