Game of Thrones Season 7 Minute Lyrics
Episode 5: Beyond The Wall

In The Blackwater Rush
Bronn and Jamie are wet and free clean as a whistle
Dani wants bent knees or death
See ya Racist Randyll Tarly
See ya Rickon I mean Dickon Tarly

Meanwhile in King's Landing
Cersei ain't happy
Jamie is scared
And Olenna killed Joffrey

Meanwhile on Dragonstone
Jon Snow pets Drogon. That's a goooood boyyy
Hey, Jorah's back!

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Bran goes for a warg and winks at the Night King

Meanwhile in Oldtown
The C-Suite gets a raven
Sam sounds the zombie alarn
And is dismissed.

Meanwhile in Dragonstone
Tyrion and Varys have a drink and regret things.
Jon thought Arya and Bran were dead
The Dragon team needs a token zombie
Davos'll smoogle Tyrion into King's Landing.

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Arya and Sansa have a chat.

Meanwhile in Blackwater Bay
Tyrion heads to the basement
Davos heads to Flea Bottom
Tyrion and Jamie bro things out
Davos finds Gendrie on the Street of Steel
The boys take a quick fermented crab and hammer dropping break
Cersei drops a preggers bomb on Jamie
And an ulimatum to never betray her again.

Back to Dragonstone lickety split
After some quick jocularity and glowering
Jorah, Jon, Davos, and Gendry head north

Meanwhile at Sam and Gilly's apartment
Gilly spills the beans about Rhaegar and Elia
Sam grabs some books
And bolts the Citadel.

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Littlefinger and Arya play a game of Wolf and Mockingbird.

And Meanwhile in Eastwatch by the sea
The Hound, Barrick Dondarion, Thoros of Myr join up
With The A Team and they all slow motion walk
Into the north to pluck em a deadman!