Game of Thrones Season 7 Minute Lyrics
Episode 6: Death Is The Enemy

In the Dragonstone map room
Fire north of the wall

Meanwhile in the true north
The Fellowship of the Ring talks of
And chop blocks - that's a 15 yard penalty!

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Arya and Sansa talk of
Slow clapping
Knuckle cracking
And Fear

Back in the true north
The boys take on
Ginger hate
Fire kissing
Baby making
And realm defending
Then the boys gaze upon arrowhead mountain

Meanwhile in Dragonstone
Tyrion and Dani talk about
Mud gates
Height shaming
Trap laying
Impulse control
And contingency planning

Meanwhile in the Misty Mountains
Out comes a dead polar bear and rips
Thoros of Myr a new one

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Sansa and Littlefinger talk of
And Brienne therapy

Back on Caradhras
The dudes talk of
Flaming swords and drunken wars
Then they bag a dead guy
Then the dead army come a runnin
And The A Team gets stuck on an island
Gendry runs back to Eastwatch with a raven message
Then Thoros freezes
See ya Thoros of Myr.

Meanwhile back at Winterfell
Sansa gets an invite to the Winterfell homecoming
And sends Brienne.

Meanwhile on Dragonstone
Dani gets the message and goes supersonic.

Back on the island
The Hound chucks a rock and the dead attack
When when all looks lost
Its Dani Ex Machina with all 3 dragons
The night king nails Viscerion with an ice javelin.
Everyone bails
Jon takes a dip and gets attacked again
Then Uncle Benjen Ex Machina saves him
They all make it back to Eastwatch

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Sansa finds Arya's masks
Arya finds Sansa
And they talk it out.

Meanwhile on the Love Boat
Dani and Jon talk of knee bending
And fertility.

Meanwhile back at the pond
The dead pull Viscerion out
The Night King lays a hand
And we have ourselves an ice dragon!