Game of Thrones Season 7 Minute Lyrics
Episode 7: The Dragon And The Wolf

Outside King's Landing
Unsullied, Dothraki, Pitch, Bronn and Jamie
The trodden on are now the trodden upon

On a boat
The Dragon team pulls into Blackwater Bay
The Hound wakes up The Gimp

In The Red Keep
Cersei gives The Mountain her starting lineup
All our heroes head into Chastain Park
It's time for The Real Housewives of Westeros Reunion show!
Tea is sipped and shade is thrown.
And a gimp in a box dog and pony show.
Cersei is in then Cersei is out
After Jon Snow spills his beans

Then Tyrion and Cersei have a battle of wits
Jon and Dani talk dragon animal rights and fertility
And Cersei swerves face.

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Littlefinger plays a game.

Meanwhile at Dragonstone
The Dragon team discusses saving the north.
Theon kisses up to Jon
Then goes out and wins a Dragonstone Rochambeau match.

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Everyone to the Great Hall!
It's time to put Arya on trial
No wait, it's time to put Littlefinger on trial!
He begs, he pleads, he dies!
See ya Littlefinger!

Meanwhile in King's Landing
Cersei stupid shames Jamie
And goes back heel where she belongs.
Jamie isn't happy and he goes incognito to the outskirts of town
Just in time for snow to fall on King's Landing.

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Sam pulls into town
And catches up with Bran
Then Bran spills the beans on Jon's parentage.
Robert's Rebellion was built on a lie!

Meanwhile on The Love Boat
Jon and Dani get it on whle Tyrion broods

Meanwhile in Winterfell
It's all good between Arya and Sansa.

And Meanwhile at Eastwatch by the Sea
The Dead show up
Dead Viscerion makes the Wall come crumblin tumblin down
See ya in season 8!