Game of Thrones Season 8 Minute Lyrics
Episode 1: Winterfell

Season 8 Episode 1 Winterfell
We got a new opening sequence and its sweet

Outside Winterfell, its the North All Star Team parade
Arya, The Hound, Jorah, Varys, Missandei
Gray Worm, Tyrion, The Unsullied, Dany, and Jon come to town!
Jon reunites with Bran
Sansa gives Dany the cold shoulder
Tyrion and Sansa reunite
Arya and Jon reunite

Down in King's Landing
Cersei gets The Golden Company
Euron has Yara
Cersei wants to know where the elephants are
Euron wants gratitude...and gets it!
Bronn is assigned to kill Jamie and Tyrion with Joffrey's crossbow

Theon saves Yara and steals a couple ships
After a well-deserved head butt

Back at Winterfell
Varys, Davos, and Tyrion discuss northerners

Jon and Dany go on a date night dragon ride picnic
Don't be afraid, Jon

Gendry makes The Hound a dragonglass axe
The Hound and Arya reunite
Arya and Gendry Reunite
Lord Glover won't help Jon and Sansa

Jorah and Dany are happy to see Sam
Except Dany burned Sam's dad and brother
Bran tells Sam its time to tell Jon the truth
So down in the catacombs, Sam and Jon reunite

And Sam tells Jon he's not a Stark bastard
He's Stark and Targaryen and his parents were married
And oh ya, brah, that makes your girlfriend your aunt.

Meanwhile up at Last Hearth
Tormund and Barric Dondarian run into Edd and the Crows.
Cue the flaming spiral

Back at Winterfell, Jamie Lannister shows up?
And Bran sees him!