Game of Thrones Season 8 Minute Lyrics
Episode 2: Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

We'll give you two cities in the intro
But you'll only need one

In Winterfell, The North All Star Team
Puts Jamie Lannister on trial
Brienne goes to bat for him
And now Jon is The Warden of the North?
Here's your sword back Jamie,
Do they know its made from Ned Starks melted Ice?

Dany threatens Tyrion's job security
Arya looks Gendry up and down
Death has many faces, baby

Bran tells Jamie, "No hard feelings about the shove, man"
Jamie confirms Cersei's pregnancy
Brienne will command the left flank
And Jamie will follow her

Dany and Sansa make short jokes about Jon Snow
Then they What-About-The-North each other

Theon Greyjoy shows up!
He wants to fight for Winterfell!
Hug it out, guysss

Davos dishes out some Bowls of Brown
Then Edd, Barric, and Tormund show up!
Is the big women still here?

The Night King always knows where Bran is
At least we die together, hey Brienne?

Missandei and Gray Worm will whisk away to Naath after the war
Edd, Jon, and Sam cut each other up like old times at the Wall
Last man left, burn the rest of us
Jamie and Tyrion toast to the perils of self betterment
And Giant's milk makes you strong

Arya doesnt want to hang out with old dudes
She wants a piece of Gendry
Arise, Brienne of Tarth, Knight of The Seven Kingdoms

Jorah and Lady Mormont talk family ties
Sam gives his family sword to Jorah
Podrick sings about ghost-dancing Jenny
Jon tells Dany his real name
She's not happy
But they got bigger fish to fry
Battle stations!