Game of Thrones Season 8 Minute Lyrics
Episode 3: The Long Night

Battlestations in Winterfell
It'd be awesome if I could see what's goin on!
Sam's shaking

Bran heads to the Godswood
Melisandre shows up and lights the Dothraki swords aflame
Off go the Dothraki
Out goes their fire
And here come the dead

Dany and Jon light up the night
And here comes a blizzard
Arya sends Sansa to crypt
See ya, Dolorous Edd

Fall back to the gate, yall, this is gettin real
Its the Unsullied's turn
Oh this aint lookin good
Melisandre lights the trenches
The dead take a powder
Tyrion broods

Bran wargs out into a flock of ravens
The Night King sends Team Dead into the flames
They're at the walls!

Arya goes killing machine
Lyanna Mormont takes out a dead giant
See ya, Lady Mormont

Now its dog fight time in the sky
Arya sneaks around the library
Beric gets Arya into game room
See ya BericDondarrion
Melisandre gives Arya the Silvio Forrell treatment

Rhaegal takes a chunk out of dead Viserion
Dany dracaryses the Night King but he's unfazed
And barely misses with an ice javelin

The Night King says its time for an all-skate
And here come the dead Starks in the crypt

Dany goes down
Jorah comes in to protect

The Night King approaches Bran in the Godswood
You're a good man, Theon. Sick 'em!
Awww, see ya, Theon.
The Night King heads toward Bran
And out of nowhere
Its Arya Stark for the win with the Valyrian steel dagger

Dany cries
See ya, Jorah
Melisandre takes off her necklace
See ya, Red Woman
And good morning, Winterfell!