Game of Thrones Season 8 Minute Lyrics
Episode 4: Last of The Starks

Winterfell funeral pyres in the intro
Dany kisses dead Jorah
Jon gives the dead the Castle Black treatment
Rise Gendry Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End
We have defeated them; but we still have US to contend with
Tormund nominates Jon for KIng; Dany flashes jealousy
Sansa and The Hound speak of hounds and little birds
Lady of Storm's End? It ain't me, baby.
Jamie keeps the fire going with Brienne
Dany begs for secrets; Jon wants truth,
Just like Ned. Uh oh!
Let's split up, kids.
We have won the great war
Now we will win the last war

Jon drops the Targaeryan bomb on his siblings,
I mean cousins
Jamie is gonna shack up with Brienne in Winterfell
Then Bronn shows up with a crossbow to give a stiff jab and make deals
Kill a few hundred people they make you a lord
Kill a few hundred thousand and they make you a king
Hey, its the Arya/Hound Road Show Chapter 2!
Hey Tyrion, wanna hear a secret?
Hey Tormund, will you watch my dog while I'm gone?
Sam and Gilly are having a baby Jon Tarly
Southward ho!
Uh oh, it's a Euron Grayjoy ambush and down goes Rhaegal
Swim for your lives!
Meanwhile in King's Landing, Cersei and Euron circle the wagons
Meanwhile at Dragonstone, Dany wants to rain fire on King's Landing
Tyrion and Varys turn a secret into information
Hey Brienne, Cersei is hateful, and so is Jamie. Southward, King Slayer.
Back in King's Landing, Tyrion and Qyburn negotiate
See ya, Missandei
Oooooh, Dany shoots icicles from her eyes. It's Dracarys time again!