Game of Thrones Season 8 Minute Lyrics
Episode 5: The Bells

Let's get penultimate
Varys knows the true king
A little bird whispers of uneaten dinners
Varys knows where Jon's coin will land
Dany knows Jon told Sansa told Tyrion told Varys
And she aint lookin good
Gray Worm cuffs and stuffs Varys
Dany passes the sentence on Varys
See ya Varys.

Dany gives Gray Worm Missandei's collar
Gray worm throws it in the fire
If Dany can't get love from Jon
She will get fear from everyone else!
Tyrion begs Dany to spare the people of King's Landing
No thanks. Ready the Unsullied.
And oh ya Tyrion, Jamie Lannister was captured
The next time you fail me will be the last time you fail me.

Tyrion asks Davos a favor
Arya and The Hound tell a guard they're going to kill Cersei
Tyrion frees Jamie so Jamie can throw Cersei into a dinghy and skip town.
Hugs, brah
Take cover everyone, it's about to go down.

Out of the sun, Dany rains fire...on everything
The good guys charge
Cersei is in denial
The Golden Company surrenders
The bells ring
Dany's not satisfied
Burn baby burn, Khaleesi inferno!

Meanwhile down at the dinghy dock
Euron and Jamie stab it out
Cersei heads for the basement
Jamie kills Euron
Sandor gives Arya a change of heart, thank you
And, finally, Clegane Bowl 2K19!
See ya, Qyburn

Jamie and Cersei share an ice cold embrace
Arya takes some shrapnel
See ya, Mountain
See ya, Hound
Jon calls for retreat
Jamie and Cersei hug it out as the walls come tumblin down
See ya, Jamie
See ya, Cersei
And Arya rides out of town on the white horse of death.