Game of Thrones Season 8 Minute Lyrics
Episode 6: The Iron Throne - THATS ALL FOLKS!

Davos, Jon, and Tyrion walk among the ashes of King's Landing
Grey Worm wants to kill all who follow Cersei Lannister
Tyrion finds Jamie and Cersei beneath a pile of bricks
Dany, laughing, spreads her wings and cuts a heel promo
Tyrion says take this job and shove it
Tyrion and Jon talk mortality and morality

Jon asks Dany how she knows what is good
Then tells her whats good with a dagger to the heart
See ya Dany!
Drogon dracaryses the Iron Throne to lava

Meanwhile at the Lords and Ladies of Westeros Dog and Pony Show
Tyrion says lets choose a king
Samwell Tarly suggests democracy and is laughed at
Tyrion nominates Bran for king and he's voted in as Bran the Broken
But Sansa will be the Queen on an independent North

Tyrion will be Bran's hand
Tyrion tells Jon to go back to the damn Night's Watch
The Unsullied head to Naarth

Sansa and Jon hug
Arya is heading west of Westeros
Jon and Arya hug
Bran tells Jon he was exactly where he was supposed to be
Brienne finishes Jamie's entry in the Book of the Kingsguard

Tyrion has a hand of the King meeting
Sam brings in a copy of A Song of Ice and Fire
King Bran suggests he can find Drogon
Podrick is in the Kingsguard
Bronn is Lord of Highgarden,
Lord Paramount of the Reach,
And Master of Coin
Davos is Master of Ships
Sam is Grandmeister
And Brienne is Lord Commander of the Kingsguard

Meanwhile The Stark kids head their separate ways
Jon reunites with Tormund and Ghost
And heads north of the wall to live happily ever after.