2016 Olympics Minute Lyrics
Week 2!

Day 16 in Rio Dijanerio. The US has 74 medals now.
I can't list them all it would take too long.
But That's 26 Gold, 23 Silver, and 25 bronze. That's more than any other country on Earth right now.

Usain Bolt started off his bid for a triple triple with the 48th fastest 100m ever with at 9.81.
He's the Bob Marley of Olympics
Justin Gatlin ran the 175th best 100m ever at 9.89 for the silver.
He's the Meatloaf of the Olympics because 2 out of 3 aint bad.

Dong Dong won the silver medal in trampoline
That's the same Dong Dong who is the defending Olympic trampoline champion
Dong Dong's idol is Russian trampolinist Alexander Moskalenko.

For the record, they should only show the underwater camera in women's water polo.

Brazil and Colombia had a cage match in the men's soccer quarterfinals.
Brazil won Dos a zero.

Simone Biles vaulted into history to win gold in the Vault individual apparatus
But came back down to earth to take bronze on the beam individual apparatus

Kendrick Farris lifted a 160 kilo snatch this afternoon.
That's heavy!

Clayton Murphy won the bronze in the 800m but no one really cares
Because no one has ever cared about the 800 ever.

Ryan Lochte got robbed at gunpoint,
And that's the last time anyone will ever care what happens to him.

5 days to go, it's almost over, but the torch still burns tonight. Go USA!