2016 Olympics Minute Lyrics
Through Day 16!

Day 16 and we are in the home straight away.
The US currently has 84 medals, thats 28 gold, 28 silver, and 28 bronze.

That's 31 more than China.
Medals are one thing we don't have to outsource to them.

Is it somewhat anti-climactic to watch Kerry Walsh Jennings in a bikini every night?
Doesnt matter because she didn't win gold.

Jeffery Julmis from Haiti had the funniest hurdle fail that I've ever seen.

Usain Bolt and Justin Gaitline cruised in 200m qualifying.

Hitting yourself in the chest in a celebratory fashion only hurts your chest and hand,
It doesnt make your country love you more.

I've been a fan of the triple jump since Willie Banks the third was running it.
And Americans won gold and silver this year.

There's a white girl from the Netherlands who is the 200m world champion. What?

The US got its first ever medal in the 1500m.

The hammer toss is my favorite non-sprinting sport, and today, we had a world record!

The steeplechase originated in Ireland where runners raced from one town's steeple to the next.
It's some real over the river and through the woods type of stuff.

Simone Biles and Ali Raisman combined to give the USA another 1 2 finish in gymnastics,
Killing it on the Floor Exercise.
Thanks for all the gold, ladies!