2016 Olympics Minute Lyrics
Through Day 19! See ya!

Day 19, it's almost over
The US has 100 medals thats 35 gold, 33 silver, and 32 bronze

Ashton Eaton won the decathalon
That's ten events with an outdated, confusing, convoluted scoring system, look it up
the events are:
100 meters
long jump
shot put
high jump
400 meters
110 meter hurdles
Pole Vault
1500 meters The US Women's 4 x 100 meter relay team botched a handoff in qualifying
But Allison Felix was bumped so they got the paperwork out,
Filed an offical protest, it was accepted, and they got to run it again all by themselves
And they qualifed.

Greco Roman wrestling means you can't attack the legs
So that means there's a lot of hugging and dancing on the mat

It's 2016 and we still can't come up with anything better than
Safetypinning pieces of papers onto track athletes with their name and number on it?

A very large man from Boring, Oregon won the Men's Shot put

Usain Bolt destroyed the field to win his 3rd consecutive 200 meters Gold medal,
He's one 4x100 meter relay gold away from tying Carl Lewis' total of 9 career track gold medals.

Wrestler Helen Maroulis beat wrestling legend Saori Yoshida for the gold medal in the 53kg weight class.
Yoshida had only lost two matches since 1998

We got Men's basketball, a few more track and field events and the closing ceremonies to go.
Thanks Rio!