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CyberPhunk2022 15: The Point of No Return Pt. 3!(44:09)
Funkercize at The Sausage Hut Hotel!(10:25)
CyberPhunk2022 14: The Point of No Return Pt. 2!(50:58)
CyberPhunk2022 13: Finally, The Point of No Return!(27:59)
Fall In For Fallout 76 34: Pitt Prep!(52:03)
SH205:Double Barrel Deep Fry!(33:04)
Fall In For Fallout 76 33: Elevator Goose Chase!(42:30)
Pumpkin Spice Extravaganza 2022!(118:24)
Labor Day Pudding Funk All Request Family Reunion Barbecue House Party!(22:38)
Fall In For Fallout 76 32: Starbursts and Bullets!(79:02)
2022 Fantasy Football Roundtable!(104:51)
SH204:Waffle Kerfuffles!(60:11)
SH203:Skinflute Ranch!(39:41)
SH202:NFL Training Camp Spectacular 2022!(27:36)
SH201:Smoothin It Out!(26:06)
Funkquiem: The Afterglow of Tragedy!(15:02)
Fall In For Fallout 76 31: The Pitts!(49:44)
Classic Hut of the Week: Peaky Blinders, Eh!(38:44)
Fall In For Fallout 76 30: Labyrinthine Hellscapes!(70:02)
SH200: Still Grippin, Still Rippin!(54:30)
Fall In For Fallout 76 30: Labyrinthine Hellscapes!(70:02)
SH199: Beet Medallions!(60:18)
SH198: Timeline Order!(50:32)
Fantasy Football Ferocity Draft Spectacular 2022!(55:14)
Fall In For Fallout 76 29: Inoculator Interlocutor!(63:13)
Fall In For Fallout 76 28: A Claw To End It All!(74:34)
Слава Україні! Слава Funk!(12:54)
SH197: Let's Take Some Calls!(35:03)
Fall In For Fallout 76 27: Waste Not!(59:53)
CyberPhunk2022 12: Patch 1.5!(61:48)
Pudding Masters S2E3: By The Clock!(48:18)
Fall In For Fallout 76 26: Star Killer!(61:33)
SH196: Fried Eggs and Broken Legs!!(55:21)
Fall In For Fallout 76 25: Johnson's Half-Acre!(76:38)
Pudding Masters S2E2: Bombe Roly Poly Royale!(38:17)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Season Finale!(85:48)
SH195: Repugnant Bikes with The Meat Master!(21:47)
The James Funk Space Telescope(21:47)
CyberPhunk2022 11: Sneak and Peak!(54:27)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 16!(59:35)
Pudding Masters S2E1: Purpose and Pudding!(33:39)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 15!(105:20)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 14!(77:50)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 13!(77:34)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 12!(84:33)
SH194: Thanksgiving 2021 Spectacular with Patty Links!(58:03)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 11!(83:48)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 10!(66:56)
CyberPhunk2022 10: Joytoy Cookies!(25:38)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 9!(78:47)
Fall In For Fallout 76 24: Fusion Core, Nothing More!(73:30)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 8!(85:26)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 7!(79:20)
SH 193:Pumpkin Spice Extravaganza 2021!(102:04)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 6!(70:23)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 5!(75:47)
30 Days In The Hut 30: A Whisper, A Whimper, A Funk: It Is Done!(85:42)
30 Days In The Hut 29: Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 4!(85:42)
30 Days In The Hut 28: Sonic Broccoli Cheddar Tots Fast Food Review(5:21)
30 Days In The Hut 27: Football Minute Week 3!(3:09)
30 Days In The Hut 26: Fall In For Fallout 76 23: No One Puts Duchess In A Corner!(25:07)
30 Days In The Hut 25: NewsBeet!(6:18)
30 Days In The Hut 24: Hardee's Hot Honey Chicken and Waffle Sandwich Fast Food Review(5:49)
30 Days In The Hut 23: Fall In For Fallout 76 22: Stealth Boys or Your Life!(46:34)
30 Days In The Hut 22: Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 3!(84:34)
30 Days In The Hut 21: IHOP's Reese's Pieces and Pumpkin Spice Panckaes Fast Food Review!(4:51)
30 Days In The Hut 20: Football Minute Week 2!(3:09)
30 Days In The Hut 19: CyberPhunk 2022 09: Headshot Johnny!(44:37)
30 Days In The Hut 18: Gerald Blancmange reads Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven!(12:10)
30 Days In The Hut 17: Pumpkin Spice Preview with Patty Links!(23:29)
30 Days In The Hut 16: Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 2!(90:02)
30 Days In The Hut 15: Halfway Home; Let's Review!!(9:18)
30 Days In The Hut 14: Let's Watch The Price Is Right!(34:57)
30 Days In The Hut 13: Week 1 Football Minute(3:11)
30 Days In The Hut 12: Clavinetski Funk Interlude!(10:19)
30 Days In The Hut 11: Fall In For Fallout 76 21: Buffout for Everyone!(51:47)
30 Days In The Hut 10: NewsBeet!(6:53)
30 Days In The Hut 09: Taco Bell's Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco Fast Food Review!(4:17)
30 Days In The Hut 08: Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 1!(89:47)
30 Days In The Hut 07 (Funk): Shrimp & Eggs Takes Your Calls!(21:48)
30 Days In The Hut 06: Fantasy Football Draft Madness!(74:26)
30 Days In The Hut 05: NewsBeet!(7:25)
30 Days In The Hut 04: Wendy's Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger Fast Food Review!(5:15)
30 Days In The Hut 03: Pudding Masters S1E5!(36:10)
30 Days In The Hut 02: Let's Watch The Price Is Right!(36:10)
30 Days In The Hut 01: Let's Do This Thang!(22:07)
CyberPhunk 2022 08: Shift From Drive To Neutralize!(54:26)
Pudding Masters S1E4: Treacle, Flan, and Euchre, Oh My!(43:49)
Fall In For Fallout76 20: Dagger's Den Dilemma!(62:54)
SH192: Olympics Whiparound!(24:10)
Pudding Masters S1E3: This Is Why We Grab The Whisk!(38:14)
Fall In For Fallout76 19: Mole Miner's Daughter(73:05)
SH191: Your 2020 Tokyo Olympic Primer!(37:40)
CyberPhunk 2022 07: My Friend Barry!(39:44)
A Midsummer's Night Funk!(25:59)
Fall In For Fallout76 18: A Snallygaster For All Seasons!(76:01)
Pudding Masters S1E2: The Custard Conundrum!(43:49)
CyberPhunk 2022 06: Foxy Proxy!(33:17)
SH190: Pudding Masters(40:24)
SH189: I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Hut!(47:49)
Fall In For Fallout76 17: A Herd Unheard Of!(59:42)
40 Yards of Junk; 40 Yards of Funk!(18:12)
CyberPhunk 2022 05: Sunrise at The Sunset Motel!(26:47)
SH189: The Sauage Hut Podcast Fifth Anniversary Spectacular Cavalcade of Stars!(68:12)
Draft Football Ferocity 2021!(63:51)
CyberPhunk 2022 04: Three Strikes And You're Flatlined!(33:46)
SH188: Fine Dining With Patty Links!(73:37)
CyberPhunk 2022 03: Ctrl + Alt + Delete!(54:49)
Fall In For Fallout76 16: Big Trouble At The Little Teapot!(65:37)
2021 Final Four: Hit The Floor!(37:03)
Cyberphunk 2022 02: It's A Marvelous Night For a Braindance!(50:00)
In One Ear and Out The Funk!(14:15)
2021 March Madness Sweet 16 Busted Bracket Rehab Review!(58:36)
Cyberphunk 2022 01: Let's Get Started with Cyberpunk 2077!(70:50)
2021 March Madness Bracket Buster Upset Parlay Spectacular(73:15)
SH187: Swimming In Your Mitochondrias(62:31)
SH186: Bifocal Barfs(64:12)
Funk Potion #9(6:24)
SH185: Post Mortem Chicken Wing Psychology!(67:56)
Super Bowl Football Ferocity: Season Finale!(93:39)
Playoff Football Ferocity: Championship Weekend!(54:57)
Pomp and Circumfunk!(23:57)
Browns Playoff Browns Football Browns Ferocity: Divisional Playoffs!(60:33)
Playoff Football Ferocity: Super Wild Card Weekend!(61:17)
Playoff Football Ferocity: Week 17!(93:37)
Planetary Convergence Funk!(13:58)
Fantasy Football Ferocity Xmas Spectacular: Week 16!(183:13)
SH184: The Pre Xmas Freakout with Patty Links!(39:53)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 15!(148:33)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 14!(118:44)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 13!(98:58)
Fantasy Football Ferocity Thanksgiving Spectacular!: Week 12!(133:34)
SH183: Gravy or Death: A Thanksgiving Weekend Buffet of Content Begins(18:47)
Celebrating Benoit Mandelbrot In Song!(6:41)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 11!(100:30)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 10!(91:38)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 9!(91:11)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 8!(97:24)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 7!(90:53)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 6!(97:20)
SH182: Remembering Eddie Van Halen!(126:53)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 5!(113:52)
30 Days In The Hut 30: Fantasy Football Ferocity Week 4!(97:58)
30 Days In The Hut 29: Mort Torkle's Country Music Review!(19:54)
30 Days In The Hut 28: Fall In For Fallout 76 15!(58:31)
30 Days In The Hut 27: Trabajo de Funk!(18:53)
30 Days In The Hut 26: Fast Food Review!(4:19)
30 Days In The Hut 25: NewsBeet!(5:08)
30 Days In The Hut 24: Fantasy Football Ferocity Week 3!(112:59)
30 Days In The Hut 23: Let's Take Some Calls!(20:09)
30 Days In The Hut 22: Fall In For Fallout76 14!(52:42)
30 Days In The Hut 21:Pumpkin Spice Extravaganza 2020!(119:24)
30 Days In The Hut 20:The Cream Always Rises To The Funk!!(19:16)
30 Days In The Hut 19:Hungover In The Boneyard!(42:16)
30 Days In The Hut 18: Let's Watch More The Price Is Right!(37:33)
30 Days In The Hut 17: Fantasy Football Ferocity Week 2!(89:49)
30 Days In The Hut 16: Fall In For Fallout76 13!(44:49)
30 Days In The Hut 15: Exercise Video With Beef Girthhouse!(15:15)
30 Days In The Hut 14: Live Football Minute And Fast Food Review!(5:35)
30 Days In The Hut 13: The Trill Of Victory; And The Agony Of The Funk!(11:32)
30 Days In The Hut 12: NewsBeet!(4:32)
30 Days In The Hut 11: Pumpkin Spice Preview With Patty Links!(48:00)
30 Days In The Hut 10: Week 1 Fantasy Football Ferocity!(67:18)
30 Days In The Hut 09: Live Fantasy Clusterdraft Madness!(82:15)
30 Days In The Hut 08: Peaky Blinders!(38:44)
30 Days In The Hut 07: A Cosmic Journey To Empath...y!(44:17)
30 Days In The Hut 06: Labor Of Funk!(18:43)
30 Days In The Hut 05: Let's Mow The Lawn!(23:16)
30 Days In The Hut 04: Let's Watch The Price Is Right!(40:04)
30 Days In The Hut 03: Fantasy Football Draft Spectacular!(2:16:17)
30 Days In The Hut 02: Fast Food Review: Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburgers and Chicken Sandwiches!(4:52)
30 Days In The Hut 01: Overture! Curtain! Lights!(18:32)
SH181: Training Wheels!(38:35)
SH180: Put Some Mustard On It!(50:21)
Fall In For Fallout76 12: Nevermind The Lockjoint!(39:41)
SH179: Dabbles In Gravel!(54:46)
Independence Day Funk: The Funk Of 40,000 Years!(25:06)
Fall In For Fallout76 11: Strange Bloatfellows!(58:52)
SH178: Pass The Battery!(81:05)
SH177: Parcheesi Percussion Gardens!(62:37)
SH176: Hannover Street!(58:42)
SH175: 90 Day Weekend Spectacular!(91:46)
SH174: You Gotta Scoff To Get Off!(49:02)
Fall In For Fallout76 10: Shake Your Foundation!(53:57)
SH173: No Care In The Lair!(77:44)
Fireside Hut 42: Fin!(18:32)
Fireside Hut 41: A Light At The End Of The Funk!(8:29)
Fireside Hut 40: NewsBeet!(8:18)
Fireside Hut 39: 4 Years of The Sausage Hut and Many Years of El Choppo!(60:11)
Fireside Hut 38: NFL Draft Prep With Veggie Butcher!(52:55)
Fireside Hut 37: The Power of Pudding with Mishy!(29:02)
Fireside Hut 36: Return To The Fallout76 Wasteland!(37:18)
Fireside Hut 35: Nookie West Tickling Ivory!(31:33)
Fireside Hut 34: Cobras and Harps!(10:09)
Fireside Hut 33: Ha'way the Lads!(10:20)
Fireside Hut 32: 4 Kills, 37 Deaths!(39:57)
Fireside Hut 31: Watching Stuff With Kowski!(36:15)
Fireside Hut 30: Bacon Equations With Patty Links!(43:15)
Fireside Hut 29: Catching Up With El Choppo!(32:59)
Fireside Hut 28: Let's Review!6:41)
Fireside Hut 27: NewsBeet!(5:54)
Fireside Hut 26: Johnny Goes To The Grocery!(9:18)
Fireside Hut 25: A Remedy!(12:16)
Fireside Hut 24: Football Football Football and Briarpatch!(13:51)
Fireside Hut 23: So What!(13:05)
Fireside Hut 22: Wrestlemania 36 Review!(12:16)
Fireside Hut 21: The Funk Giveth; And The Funk Taketh Away!(16:11)
Fireside Hut 20: Wrestlemania 36 Preview!(33:06)
Fireside Hut 19: 4 Inches In The Basement!(20:07)
Fireside Hut 18: Fighting Cabin Fever With Patty Links!(38:03)
Fireside Hut 17: Watching The Weeds Grow!(31:29)
Fireside Hut 16: Happy Birthday, Angus Young!(24:58)
Fireside Hut 15: Let's Take Some Calls!(10:21)
Fireside Hut 14: Play-By-Play Action!(10:47)
Fireside Hut 13: Saturday In The Park!(9:05)
Fireside Hut 12: Spinning The Hits!(24:54)
Fireside Hut 11: Let's Watch The Price Is Right!(35:59)
Fireside Hut 10: The Price Is Castlevania!(32:23)
Fireside Hut 09: NewsBeet!(3:56)
Fireside Hut 08: WestWorld And Roses!(17:10)
Fireside Hut 07: The Larder In The Lair!(32:52)
Fireside Hut 06: Shrimp And Eggs To The Rescue!(8:37)
Fireside Hut 05: Shut Up And Bring The Funk!(7:00)
Fireside Hut 04: Let's Watch The Price Is Right!(34:50)
Fireside Hut 03: Working From Home Tips!(32:35)
Fireside Hut 02: Let's Go To Tamriel!(19:14)
Fireside Hut 01: Let's Just Chill Out A Minute!(35:15)
SH172: High Pitch Didgeridoo!(58:40)
SH171: Grand Theft Ashtray!(65:54)
SH170: Coffee Tables In The Haunted Forest(52:13)
SH169: Mexico, Quitting Cigarettes, Fake IDs, and Knives(54:14)
Funk and Fluids: Bass Butter And Sax Juice(21:47)
SH168: Super Bowl Party At Kowski's!(54:18)
31 Days In The Hut 31: Super Bowl Prognostications!(43:18)
SH167: Rustic Breakfast Adventures and Super Bowl Food!(68:23)
31 Days In The Hut 29: Live Fast Food Review: Checker's Baconzilla and Bacon Roadhouse!(4:44)
31 Days In The Hut 28: Live Fast Food Review: Church's Handheld Chicken Pot Pie(3:02)
31 Days In The Hut 27: Facemasks, Light Sabers, and Leftover Xmas Ale!(52:50)
31 Days In The Hut 26: Molcajete Mocha Latte and Funk!(27:22)
31 Days In The Hut 25: Cogent Insights For Your HR Team With Nad Vaculette(22:42)
SH166: Stop Motion Shoot!(72:45)
31 Days In The Hut 23: Live Fast Food Review: Taco Bell Double Stacked Tacos!(3:58)
31 Days In The Hut 22: Knives Out Review!(49:50)
31 Days In The Hut 21: Live Fast Food Review: Krystal Bankruptcy!(4:14)
31 Days In The Hut 20: Pet Peeves With Kowski!(36:20)
31 Days In The Hut 19: Todos Los Tés, Todo El Funk!(29:53)
31 Days In The Hut 18: Championship Sunday(45:19)
31 Days In The Hut 17: Live Fast Food Review: Burger King Cheddar Bacon King(4:24)
31 Days In The Hut 16: Long Relief With Mishy!(41:51)
31 Days In The Hut 15: Let's Watch The Price Is Right Again!(28:56)
31 Days In The Hut 14: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review!(59:11)
31 Days In The Hut 13: The Great Toilet Caper, Pt. 2!(69:56)
31 Days In The Hut 12: More Coffee: More Funk!(18:17)
31 Days In The Hut 11: The Irishman Review!(71:26)
31 Days In The Hut 10: NFL Divisional Playoffs Prognostications!(58:41)
31 Days In The Hut 09: Live Fast Food Review: Sonic's Chili Cheese JR Wrap!(10:38)
31 Days In The Hut 08: Around The World With The Meat Master!(43:32)
31 Days In The Hut 07: Live Fast Food Review: Arby's Fish and Cheddar!(4:52)
31 Days In The Hut 06: Let's Watch The Price Is Right!(32:12)
31 Days In The Hut 05: Coffee and Funk With Johnny!(16:01)
SH165: Making Tables and Clogging Toilets!(43:06)
31 Days In The Hut 03: Wild Card Weekend Prognostications!(35:12)
31 Days In The Hut 02: Rams, Dams, and Nookie West!(35:12)
31 Days In The Hut 01: Let's Get This Thing Goin!(23:15)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 16 Season Finale!(109:40)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 15 Primer!(118:33)
SH164: Wood, Playoffs, and Yoga Mats!(48:20)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 14 Primer!(117:09)
Classic Hut Of The Week: Holiday Anti-Depression! (41:33)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 13 Primer!(102:28)
SH163: Thanksgiving Spectacular 2K19 No Holds Barred!(101:43)
SH162: High Hanging Fruits!(59:44)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 12 Primer!(96:11)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 11 Primer!(100:16)
Classic Hut Of The Week: Huffy Toss 2017! (52:45)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 10 Primer!(91:44)
SH161: The Slow Fast Food Review Review!(62:27)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 9 Primer!(102:00)
Rugby World Cup Digest 04:: To The Final!(39:04)
Classic Hut Of The Week: Georgia Radio Hall of Fame, Dailys, and Bowling For Dollars! (47:22)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 8 Primer!(144:47)
Rugby World Cup Digest 03: Elbow Your Way Into The Semis!(30:59)
SH160: Mesquite, Tomatoes, and Butterflies, Oh My!(67:07)
SH159: Pumpkin Spice Extravaganza 2K19!(94:26)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 7 Primer!(119:20)
Rugby World Cup Digest 02: Out Of The Pool And Into The Knockouts!(37:00)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 6 Primer!(127:15)
Classic Hut Of The Week: Pumpkin Spice Everything With Patty Links!(88:13)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 5 Primer!(136:22)
SH158: El Choppo In Charge (Again)!(66:18)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 4 Primer!(96:19)
Classic Hut Of The Week: Just like Bogie and Bacall!(34:35)
Rugby World Cup Digest 01:: Strap On Your Boots and Get On The Pitch!(42:06)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 3 Primer!(72:01)
SH157: Smoking Meat and Smoking Beats!(49:34)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: Week 2 Primer!(103:55)
Classic Hut Of The Week:The Difference Between Naked and Nude!(34:10)
Fantasy Football Ferocity: 2019 Fantasy Football Roundtable!(120:09)
Classic Hut Of The Week:Fantasy Football Roundtable (2018), Part 1!(49:16)
Woodstock 94 Reunion (Part 2)!(31:45)
SH156:Steak Fry Catering With The Meat Master!(42:52)
SH155:Woodstock 94 Reunion (Part 1)!(55:14)
Fantasy Football Training Camp: Drafting!(56:51)
SH154: Johann's Pork Turnover!(49:58)
SH153: Strippin Chickens!(59:51)
SH152: Screw Knuckleoma Blanca And The Jordache Look!(54:49)
Fantasy Football Training Camp: Running Backs!(69:36)
SH151: El Choppo's Big Adventure 2K19!(68:04)
SH150: Orson Welles, Orson Buggy, And Story Time!(74:58)
SH149: The Sausage Hut Independence Week Spectacular!(96:11)
SH148: Buttons, Pottery, The Bronx, and Mishy!(57:29)
SH147: Green Screen Stop Motion!(81:23)
SH146: Pride (In The Name Of Pork)!(79:24)
SH145: Transformers, Rockford Files, and...A Live Show?(42:31)
Game of Thrones S8E5: Live Game of Thrones Minute, GoTS8E5 Analysis With Kowski (and a live Fast Food Review!)(51:19)
Game of Thrones S8E4: Live Game of Thrones Minute, A Digestif, and A Game of Thrones Lightning Recap (and a live Fast Food Review!)(23:36)
30 Days In The Hut 30: We did it! And A Live Game of Thrones Minute For Good Measure!(7:52)
30 Days In The Hut 29: Let's Get Penultimate!(10:46)
30 Days In The Hut 28:Game of Thrones S8E3 Instant Lightning Analysis!(22:20)
30 Days In The Hut 27:Invastion of The Smokies(20:42)
SH 144: Stratified Peeploaf and Peep S'Mores With Patty Links(70:10)
30 Days In The Hut 25: Live Fast Food Review!(4:14)
30 Days In The Hut 24: 2019 NFL Draft Roundtable!(60:08)
30 Days In The Hut 23: A Little Us Time With Johnny!(14:37)
30 Days In The Hut 22: Live Fast Food Review and Game of Thrones Minute for S8E2!(8:19)
30 Days In The Hut 21: Live Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Watchalong Companion With Kowski!(8:19)
SH 143: Drone Chutes!(38:47)
30 Days In The Hut 19: Let's Watch The Price Is Right Again!(26:31)
SH 142: Travelling Hot With The Meat Master!(42:36)
SH 141: NFL Schedule and The Seven Dirty Words With Mishy!(49:33)
30 Days In The Hut 16: Live Game of Thrones Minute!(6:18)
30 Days In The Hut 15: Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Review and Lightning Fast Rundown!(18:17)
30 Days In The Hut 14: Game of Thrones Season 7 Rehash Capsule and Season 8 Preview with Kowski!(58:31)
30 Days In The Hut 13: Game of Thrones Season 6 Rehash Capsule!(19:29)
30 Days In The Hut 12: Game of Thrones Season 5 Rehash Capsule!(19:59)
30 Days In The Hut 11: Johnny Smacks It Up, Flips It, And Rubs It Down!(15:08)
SH 140: Live FFR and Schnitzel With Mishy!(55:20)
30 Days In The Hut 09: Wrestlemania 35 and Raw After Wrestlemania Review!(27:34)
30 Days In The Hut 08: Live Fast Food Review!(7:05)
30 Days In The Hut 07: Game of Thrones Season 4 Rehash Capsule With Kowski!(47:45)
30 Days In The Hut 06: Game of Thrones Season 3 Rehash Capsule!(28:01)
30 Days In The Hut 05: Let's Watch The Price Is Right!(27:47)
30 Days In The Hut 04: Brackets, Pork Butts, and The Glory Days of Smoking with Mishy!48:50)
SH 139: Stop Motion, Michigan, and The Crosscut Shuffle!(38:33)
30 Days In The Hut 02: Game of Thrones Season 2 Rehash Capsule!(28:01)
30 Days In The Hut 01: Game of Thrones Season 1 Rehash Capsule!(28:01)
SH 138: Bracket Busting Spectacular and a Major Announcement!(58:45)
SH 137: Come Smell My Hand!(38:56)
SH 136: Conquering Fallout 76's Site Alpha and Launching a Nuke!(44:23)
SH 135: Stop Motioning With Gas!(44:23)
SH 134: Aerial Lumberjacks!(69:28)
SH 133: Bacon Explosions and Chicken Paprikas!(64:47)
Fantasy Football Roundtable: The "Big Game"!(86:00)
SH 132: On The Set of Birthdaycake Battle Royal!(74:41)
Fall In For Fallout76 07: Nuke Or Let Me Be Lonely!(29:56)
Fantasy Football Roundtable: Champoinship Sunday!(86:48)
SH131: Live From El Choppo's Lair! (73:28)
Fantasy Football Roundtable: Divisional Weekend!(123:57)
Fantasy Football Roundtable: Wild Card Weekend!(102:05)
SH130: The Year of The Hut! (53:23)
Fall In For Fallout76 06: Chasing Wild Geese!(29:56)

The Sausage Hut Year End Content Extravaganza: SH129: The Baba Ganoush Is Loose!(96:09)
The Sausage Hut Year End Content Extravaganza: SH128: Xmas Tasting Spectacular With Patty Links!(96:09)
The Sausage Hut Year End Content Extravaganza: Fantasy Football Week 16 Primer : The Nucleus Of The Miracle!(103:28)
Fantasy Football Week 15 Primer: The Gladiators Were There For A Reason!(156:13)
SH127: Mustard Water (53:23)
Fantasy Football Week 14 Primer: Make The Playoffs! Or Spoil Everything!(161:17)
Fall In For Fallout76 05: Just Leave Me At The Whitespring!(29:46)
Fantasy Football Week 13 Primer: Hexes, Harmonicas, and The People's Elbow!(152:47)
SH126: Grand Prize Winners Ride The Rides In Sausage Hut Land!(53:24)
Fall In For Fallout76 04: Comparing and Contrasting Fallout76 and Red Dead Redemption II with Kowski!(38:10)
SH125: Your 7 Layer Salad Thanksgiving Sausage Hut Extravaganza!(46:25)
Fantasy Football Week 12 Primer: Thanksgiving Spectacular!(120:21)
Fall In For Fallout76 03: Overencumbered And Pissed!(27:42)
SH124: El Choppo In Charge!(46:25)
Fantasy Football Week 11 Primer: Slump Busters!(123:22)
Fall In For Fallout76 02: Giddy With A.N.T.I.C.I.P.A.T.I.O.N.(19:16)
Fantasy Football Week 10 Primer: Hey Coach!(146:11)
Fall In For Fallout76 01: Wake Up And Die(31:14)
SH123: Smashing Cupcakes!(55:05)
Fantasy Football Week 9 Primer: Steak Sandwiches And Chaos!(111:16)
Fantasy Football Week 8 Primer: Dancing In The Shadows of Sadness!(156:00)
SH122: Three Debuts In One!(46:12)
Fantasy Football Week 7 Primer: Dig In And Pivot!(107:32)
SH121: Desk Assembly!(57:27)
SH120: Towmotor Polo!(62:19)
Fantasy Football Week 6 Primer: Climb The Mountain!(89:51)
SH119: Pumpkin Spice Everything With Patty Links!(88:13)
Fantasy Football Week 5 Primer: Waiver Wire Wizardry!(83:43)
30 Days In The Hut - 30: We Made It!(52:58)
30 Days In The Hut - 29: Johnny Layin Down The Funk!(19:05)
30 Days In The Hut - 28: The Australian Rules Football Grand Final Pregame!(17:34)
30 Days In The Hut - 27: Week 4 Fantasy Football Primer With Mishy!(103:02)
30 Days In The Hut - 26: Live Fast Food Review!(7:17)
30 Days In The Hut - 25: Live Football Minute!(6:33)
30 Days In The Hut - 24: More Elocutions For Marketing Executives With Nad Vaculette!(19:23)
SH118: Vacations With The Meat Master!(66:07)
30 Days In The Hut - 22:Browns Rehash, Tesla Model 3, Galaxian, and Spy Hunter!(43:37)
30 Days In The Hut - 21: Witnessing Cleveland Browns History With Kowski!(49:17)
30 Days In The Hut - 20: Fantasy Football Primer With Mishy!(87:18)
30 Days In The Hut - 19: Live Fast Food Review Cheeseburger Power Rankings!(12:08)
30 Days In The Hut - 18: Live Football Minute!(5:22)
30 Days In The Hut - 17: The Price Is Right Season Premiere!(22:26)
30 Days In The Hut - 16: A Hot Dog At The Turn!(15:06)
SH117: Mary Poppins And The Forty Thieves!(29:11)
SH116: Tasty Sauces and Galaxian!(28:57)
30 Days In The Hut - 13: Week 2 Fantasy Football Primer with Mishy!(82:12)
30 Days In The Hut - 12: Live Football Minute and Fast Food Review!(13:47)
30 Days In The Hut - 11: Elocutions For Marketing Executives!(19:24)
SH115: Key Largo Pt. 2!(41:55)
SH114: Just like Bogie and Bacall!(34:35)
SH113: Machu Pichu Pt. 2!(27:37)
SH112: Machu Pichu, Grilled Cheese, and Turf Shoes!(28:18)
30 Days In The Hut - 6: Lets Watch The Price Is Right!(27:03)
30 Days In The Hut - 5: Live Fast Food Review: Sweet and Spicy Chicken Tenders!(14:17)
SH111: Snooty Drinks With Patty Links! (35:03)
30 Days In The Hut - 3: Fantasy Football Rountable, Part 3! (59:50)
30 Days In The Hut - 2: Fantasy Football Rountable, Part 2! (33:57)
30 Days In The Hut - 1: Fantasy Football Rountable, Part 1! (49:16)
SH110: Rolling Frames! (35:52)
SH109: Pre-Seasoned For Your Pleasure! (68:31)
SH108: Sausage Hut: Impossible! (63:18)
SH107: Towmotors, Brah! (46:47)
SH106: Invasion of The Smokies! (41:00)
SH105: Independence Week! (34:32)
SH104: Shrimp and Eggs! (45:32)
SH103: 10,000 Hours In The Can! (61:35)
SH102: Peanuts! (35:49)
SH101: Now What? (30:44)
SH100 Part 2: A Cavalcade of Stars, Part 2! (82:51)
SH100 Part 1: A Cavalcade of Stars, Part 1! (47:19)
Prelude to SH100: Talking About What We Should Talk About! (43:01)
SH99: Wallet Retirement Ceremony! (43:31)
SH98: Art Bell Tribute! (32:33)
SH97: Your Friends Between Pizzas! (29:28)
SH96: My Wall; Not Yours! (63:11)
SH95: Attorneys At Slaw! (62:05)
SH94: 25 Feet To Freedom! (44:53)
SH93: The Sausage Hut Bracket Spectacular! (63:37)
SH92: Of Bobsledding and Babbling! (46:27)
SH91: Bluetooth Latency, Radagast, and Avagadro's Avacado! (70:37)
SH90: Beefeater Mode! (33:12)
SH89: Live Olympics Minute and Fast Food Review! (28:22)
SH88: Bacon Explosions On Location! (60:30)
SH87: Remembering The Pizza Paisan and Discovering Gundabad Wargs! (45:46)
SH86: Wine Review And Bowling For Prizes! (36:41)
SH85: Sickness Battle Royale! (55:10)
SH84: Bill and Ted's New Years' Revolutions! (45:15)
SH83: Xmas Leftovers, Blacksmith's Guild Meeting, Vladimir Vysotsky, and Dewey Decimal! (51:06)
SH82: Xmas Wrap Battle 2017! (82:01)
SH81: 7 Course Deep Fried Holiday With The Meat Master! (58:06)
SH80: Cheese Spread, POP Figurines, Captain Lou, Jon Snow, and a Star Wars Review! (66:04)
SH79: On location at The Meat Master's Hideaway and El Choppo's Chopping Dungeon! (29:18)
SH78: Pizza, NASCAR, and War! (39:38)
SH77: Deep Fried Dreams with The Meat Master! (41:34)
SH76: Holiday Anti-Depression! (41:33)
SH75: 7 Layer Salad and Gasoline! (44:01)
SH74: Thanksgiving Week Explodes! (34:29)
SH73: Augmented Reality Hockey! (40:21)
SH72: Huffy Toss 2017 Recap and The Edmund Fitzgerald! (33:21)
SH71: Huffy Toss 2017! (52:45)
SH70: Georgia Radio Hall of Fame, Dailys, and Bowling For Dollars! (47:22)
SH69: Baseball Songs and Rotisserie Chicken! (26:04)
SH68: Sportsing, Dailys, Butter sticks, and The Molly Wee! (34:07)
SH67: Hits, Chops, and Dailys! (38:49)
SH66: Internet Safety and The Dailys! (38:35)
SH65: The Difference Between Naked and Nude! (34:10)
SH64: The Fall Season Kickoff Spectacular! (39:12)
SH63: Fantasy Football Roundtable! (61:31)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S7E7 The Dragon And The Wolf! (55:40)
SH62: Eclipses and Ellipses! (33:28)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S7E6 Death Is The Enemy! (59:00)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S7E5 Eastwatch! (66:28)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S7E4 The Spoils of War! (52:36)
Game of Thrones Rehash: SS7E3 The Queen's Justice! (50:59)
SH61: Back To The Stupid! (33:41)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S7E2 Stormborn! (47:50)
SH60: At The Meat Master's Hideaway! (39:58)
SH59: Track and Field Interlude! (22:26)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S7E1 Dragonstone! (38:10)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S6E10 and S7 Speculations! (72:38)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S6E7, S6E8, S6E9! (50:35)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S6E4, S6E5, S6E6! (81:12)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S6E1, S6E2, S6E3! (45:59)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S5E8, S5E9, S5E10! (77:31)
SH58: The New York Chronicles! (48:27)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S5E5, S5E6, S5E7! (45:00)
SH57: Live from the U2 show! (51:07)
SH56: Summer Party Planning With Patty Links! (65:48)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S5E2, S5E3, S5E4! (54:34)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S4E9, S4E10, S5E1! (34:22)
SH55: Kuerig Maintenance and Victoria! (30:45)
SH54: Thor and Esteban! (42:54)
SH53: Michael Stanley Voodoo! (42:47)
SH52: Cavalcade of Cacophony! (29:16)
SH51: Metallica Part Deux! (52:23)
SH50: The Meat Master Returns! (57:22)
SH49: Metallica! Part 1! (43:53)
SH48: Sea Shanties and Parkay! (28:05)
SH47: Press Your Luck! (32:34)
SH46: Thorplay! (30:19)
SH45: Dining on Degobah! (34:27)
SH44: Combos and Vladmir Vytsotsky! (24:32)
SH43: The Red Army Choir and The Johnny Carolla Show! (30:01)
SH42: The Pizza Chronicles, Part 2! (30:12)
SH41: The Pizza Chronicles, Part 1! (38:33)
SH40: Live FFR and Bowling For Dollars! (37:54)
SH39: Executive Perspectives! (39:21)
SH38: Beef Girthhouse and Jiffy McLaine's Final Four, Footy, Wrestlemania Breakdown! (31:38)
SH37: Beef Girthhouse and Jiffy McLaine's Sweet 16 Breakdown! (24:05)
SH36: The NCAA Bracket Buster Spectacular! (39:59)
SH35: The Johnny Corolla Show, Bowling For Dolars! (44:06)
SH34: Thor, Easy Jesus, and The Walk of Shave! (34:57)
SH33: The Last 2 FBMs, a live FFR, and a trip to the music store! (32:41)
SH32: Wine, Cheese, and Classy Gentlement! (38:34)
SH31: Valentine's Day Food, El Choppo's KCup Regimen(30:22)
SH30: At The Meat Market making Bacon Explosions with The Meat Master!(56:33)
SH29: The Meat Master and Bacon Explosions!(35:47)
SH28: Silver Spoons, Mitochondria, and Choppo Themes!(30:55)
SH27: 3 Football Minutes and The Imported Sharp Provolone!(41:07)
SH26: Gifts From Choppo, Knife Sharpening, and a live Fast Food Review!(33:38)
SH25: The Famous Pub and Sports Palace: A Euology(39:13)
By popular demand:The Football Minute Theme!
SH24: A Very Choppo Xmas!(33:54)
SH23: The Sausage Hut Xmas Spectaular with Patty Links!(58:56)
SH22 Part 2: The Meat Master: Continuing the fine point discussion of grill birds, shucking corn, and football.(41:07)
SH22 Part 1: The Meat Master: The Meat Master drops into the Sausage Hut to disuss cooking large quantities of meat and cutting heel promos!(45:18)
SH21: Xmas shopping, Garage Band musical theater with El Choppo, and behind the scenes for a Fast Food Review!(36:35)
SH20: Post-Thanksgiving, Football Minutes 11 and 12, and red hot Sausage Hut Radio!(33:54)
SH19: El Choppo's Mexican Adventure Grande!(37:01)
SH18: Football Minutes Weeks 9 and 10, Adventures in new phones(31:40)
SH17: Football Minutes Weeks 7 and 8, World Series, Snoring(28:19)
SH16: El Choppo Family Feud Tshirt Paloma Blanca Madness(30:20)
SH15: Football Minute Week 6, Baseball, Umpires, Barry Windham, 10 Yard Fight(30:28)
SH14: Football Minute Week 4, Door Holding, Australian Rules Grand Final!(28:42)
SH13: 3 Football Minutes and a Fast Food Review Live!(29:37)
SH12: Buddies, Keno, Miracle Whip, sub orders, smorgacsbord(37:46)
SH11: Olympics Post Mortem, One Last Olympics Minute, Football(27:18)
Here is my famous Olympic Theme Song
Olympics Podcast Special 05: Day 16-17 with El Choppo!(22:42)
Olympics Podcast Special 04: Week 2 Here we go!(24:04)
Olympics Podcast Special 03: TWO Olympics Minutes, Day 4, etc.(20:55)
Olympics Podcast Special 02: Opening Ceremony, Days 1-3(25:41)
Olympics Podcast Special 01: Get ready for Rio!(26:41)
Episode 10: Machu Pichu, El Choppo, 3 Mile Island, Emmanuelle(30:53)
Episode 9: Vacations, Operation Mash, and Angry Birds(16:09)
Episode 8: Zumba, Bon Jovi hate, El Choppo and Mission Monster Mash, Ethics Training(35:50)
Episode 7: Lancel Lannister, Game of Thrones Minute S6E9, Cleveland Fandom(33:08)
Episode 6: Game of Thrones Minutes S6E7 and S6E8, cheese, Family Feud(24:50)
Episode 5: Traffic, GOTM S6E5 and S6E6, Game Shows(27:39)
Episode 4: El Choppo Part 2, Monster Mash Video Crack(27:38)
Episode 3: Game of Thrones Minute S6E3 AND S6E4, Mic Dark, and El Choppo! (24:14)
Episode 2: Quinoa, Soccer, Game of Thrones Minute S6E2 (24:20)
Episode 1: Party leftovers, carb loading, Game of Thrones Minute S6E1 (22:39)
Episode 0: Introductions and Plans (17:39)
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