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SH85: Sickness Battle Royale! (55:10)
SH84: Bill and Ted's New Years' Revolutions! (45:15)
SH83: Xmas Leftovers, Blacksmith's Guild Meeting, Vladimir Vysotsky, and Dewey Decimal! (51:06)
SH82: Xmas Wrap Battle 2017! (82:01)
SH81: 7 Course Deep Fried Holiday With The Meat Master! (58:06)
SH80: Cheese Spread, POP Figurines, Captain Lou, Jon Snow, and a Star Wars Review! (66:04)
SH79: On location at The Meat Master's Hideaway and El Choppo's Chopping Dungeon! (29:18)
SH78: Pizza, NASCAR, and War! (39:38)
SH77: Deep Fried Dreams with The Meat Master! (41:34)
SH76: Holiday Anti-Depression! (41:33)
SH75: 7 Layer Salad and Gasoline! (44:01)
SH74: Thanksgiving Week Explodes! (34:29)
SH73: Augmented Reality Hockey! (40:21)
SH72: Huffy Toss 2017 Recap and The Edmund Fitzgerald! (33:21)
SH71: Huffy Toss 2017! (52:45)
SH70: Georgia Radio Hall of Fame, Dailys, and Bowling For Dollars! (47:22)
SH69: Baseball Songs and Rotisserie Chicken! (26:04)
SH68: Sportsing, Dailys, Butter sticks, and The Molly Wee! (34:07)
SH67: Hits, Chops, and Dailys! (38:49)
SH66: Internet Safety and The Dailys! (38:35)
SH65: The Difference Between Naked and Nude! (34:10)
SH64: The Fall Season Kickoff Spectacular! (39:12)
SH63: Fantasy Football Roundtable! (61:31)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S7E7 The Dragon And The Wolf! (55:40)
SH62: Eclipses and Ellipses! (33:28)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S7E6 Death Is The Enemy! (59:00)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S7E5 Eastwatch! (66:28)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S7E4 The Spoils of War! (52:36)
Game of Thrones Rehash: SS7E3 The Queen's Justice! (50:59)
SH61: Back To The Stupid! (33:41)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S7E2 Stormborn! (47:50)
SH60: At The Meat Master's Hideaway! (39:58)
SH59: Track and Field Interlude! (22:26)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S7E1 Dragonstone! (38:10)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S6E10 and S7 Speculations! (72:38)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S6E7, S6E8, S6E9! (50:35)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S6E4, S6E5, S6E6! (81:12)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S6E1, S6E2, S6E3! (45:59)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S5E8, S5E9, S5E10! (77:31)
SH58: The New York Chronicles! (48:27)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S5E5, S5E6, S5E7! (45:00)
SH57: Live from the U2 show! (51:07)
SH56: Summer Party Planning With Patty Links! (65:48)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S5E2, S5E3, S5E4! (54:34)
Game of Thrones Rehash: S4E9, S4E10, S5E1! (34:22)
SH55: Kuerig Maintenance and Victoria! (30:45)
SH54: Thor and Eseban! (42:54)
SH53: Michael Stanley Voodoo! (42:47)
SH52: Cavalcade of Cacophony! (29:16)
SH51: Metallica Part Deux! (52:23)
SH50: The Meat Master Returns! (57:22)
SH49: Metallica! Part 1! (43:53)
SH48: Sea Shanties and Parkay! (28:05)
SH47: Press Your Luck! (32:34)
SH46: Thorplay! (30:19)
SH45: Dining on Degobah! (34:27)
SH44: Combos and Vladmir Vytsotsky! (24:32)
SH43: The Red Army Choir and The Johnny Carolla Show! (30:01)
SH42: The Pizza Chonicles, Part 2! (30:12)
SH41: The Pizza Chonicles, Part 1! (38:33)
SH40: Live FFR and Bowling For Dollars! (37:54)
SH39: Executive Perspectives with C-Suite! (39:21)
SH38: Beef Girthhouse and Jiffy McLaine's Final Four, Footy, Wrestlemania Breakdown! (31:38)
SH37: Beef Girthhouse and Jiffy McLaine's Sweet 16 Breakdown! (24:05)
SH36: The NCAA Bracket Buster Spectacular! (39:59)
SH35: The Johnny Corolla Show, Bowling For Dolars! (44:06)
SH34: Thor, Easy Jesus, and The Walk of Shave! (34:57)
SH33: The Last 2 FBMs, a live FFR, and a trip to the music store! (32:41)
SH32: Wine, Cheese, and Classy Gentlement! (38:34)
SH31: Valentine's Day Food, El Choppo's KCup Regimen(30:22)
SH30: At The Meat Market making Bacon Explosions with The Meat Master!(56:33)
SH29: The Meat Master and Bacon Explosions!(35:47)
SH28: Silver Spoons, Mitochondria, and Choppo Themes!(30:55)
SH27: 3 Football Minutes and The Imported Sharp Provolone!(41:07)
SH26: Gifts From Choppo, Knife Sharpening, and a live Fast Food Review!(33:38)
SH25: The Famous Pub and Sports Palace: A Euology(39:13)
By popular demand:The Football Minute Theme!
SH24: A Very Choppo Xmas!(33:54)
SH23: The Sausage Hut Xmas Spectaular with Patty Links!(58:56)
SH22 Part 2: The Meat Master: Continuing the fine point discussion of grill birds, shucking corn, and football.(41:07)
SH22 Part 1: The Meat Master: The Meat Master drops into the Sausage Hut to disuss cooking large quantities of meat and cutting heel promos!(45:18)
SH21: Xmas shopping, Garage Band musical theater with El Choppo, and behind the scenes for a Fast Food Review!(36:35)
SH20: Post-Thanksgiving, Football Minutes 11 and 12, and red hot Sausage Hut Radio!(33:54)
SH19: El Choppo's Mexican Adventure Grande!(37:01)
SH18: Football Minutes Weeks 9 and 10, Adventures in new phones(31:40)
SH17: Football Minutes Weeks 7 and 8, World Series, Snoring(28:19)
SH16: El Choppo Family Feud Tshirt Paloma Blanca Madness(30:20)
SH15: Football Minute Week 6, Baseball, Umpires, Barry Windham, 10 Yard Fight(30:28)
SH14: Football Minute Week 4, Door Holding, Australian Rules Grand Final!(28:42)
SH13: 3 Football Minutes and a Fast Food Review Live!(29:37)
SH12: Buddies, Keno, Miracle Whip, sub orders, smorgacsbord(37:46)
SH11: Olympics Post Mortem, One Last Olympics Minute, Football(27:18)
Here is my famous Olympic Theme Song
Olympics Podcast Special 05: Day 16-17 with El Choppo!(22:42)
Olympics Podcast Special 04: Week 2 Here we go!(24:04)
Olympics Podcast Special 03: TWO Olympics Minutes, Day 4, etc.(20:55)
Olympics Podcast Special 02: Opening Ceremony, Days 1-3(25:41)
Olympics Podcast Special 01: Get ready for Rio!(26:41)
Episode 10: Machu Pichu, El Choppo, 3 Mile Island, Emmanuelle(30:53)
Episode 9: Vacations, Operation Mash, and Angry Birds(16:09)
Episode 8: Zumba, Bon Jovi hate, El Choppo and Mission Monster Mash, Ethics Training(35:50)
Episode 7: Lancel Lannister, Game of Thrones Minute S6E9, Cleveland Fandom(33:08)
Episode 6: Game of Thrones Minutes S6E7 and S6E8, cheese, Family Feud(24:50)
Episode 5: Traffic, GOTM S6E5 and S6E6, Game Shows(27:39)
Episode 4: El Choppo Part 2, Monster Mash Video Crack(27:38)
Episode 3: Game of Thrones Minute S6E3 AND S6E4, Mic Dark, and El Choppo! (24:14)
Episode 2: Quinoa, Soccer, Game of Thrones Minute S6E2 (24:20)
Episode 1: Party leftovers, carb loading, Game of Thrones Minute S6E1 (22:39)
Episode 0: Introductions and Plans (17:39)
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